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Enter now for a chance to winTeng Tool + Milwaukee Wrench Bundle


Enter now for a chance to winTeng Tool + Milwaukee Wrench Bundle

Won by Jack Middlebrook with ticket number #156

As requested a New Tool bundle.

£1.99 Tickets – great chance to win your ultimate Tool kit!

Teng Tools 1001 Piece Mega Master Tool Kit TCMM1001N

TM708 8 piece mini-screwdriver set with reversible blades.
1479MM 9 hex keys 1.5-10 mm.
1479AF 9 hex keys 5/64″ – 3/8″.
1479TX 9 TX keys TX8-TX40.
TTHEX7 7 hex keys with T-handle.
TTNR81 81 pieces nut rivet set.
TTTX7 7 TX/TPX keys with T-handle.
TTHR81 81 piece rivet gun with rivets.
TT1236 12 metric combination spanners 8-19 mm.
TTALU 32 piece clip set.
TTTM03 3 piece inspection set.
TT6208 8 metric double opened ended spanners.
TTPS09 9 piece tool kit set..
TTPC09 9 piece chisel/punch set.
TTID20 20 piece ½” impact screwdriver set.
TTSR04 4 piece scraper and hook set.
TT00 TC tray.
TTHP08 8 pieces hook spanner set.
TT6506 6 metric double pivoted socket spanners.
TT6010M 10 piece combination spanner set – short spanners.
TT3592 8 Combination spanners in imperial sizes.
TTXPB3 3 piece prybar set.
TTX6311 11 metric double ring spanners in set.
TTXEXT13 13 piece extension bars in a set, ¼”, 3/8″ and ½” drive.
TT1205 5 piece ratchet wrench set with ½” drive.
TT1435 35 piece ¼” socket set.
TT3819 19 piece 3/8″ socket set.
TT1217 17 piece ½” socket set.
TTTX23 23 parts TX bit socket set with ½” drive.
THEX23 23 parts socket set for int. hex holes, with ½” drive.
TTALU 32 piece clip set.
TTXMDTN 5 piece Power Thru screwdriver set.
TT9116 16 piece ½” impact socket set.
TTX918N 8 piece screwdriver set.
TT917N 7 piece screwdriver set.
TT917TXN 7 pieces TT/TPX screwdriver set.
TTMD74 74 piece bit ratchet screwdriver set.
TTMI16 16 piece precision-tool set.
TTX474-9 4 piece 9″ set of circlip pliers.
TT440-T 4 piece plier set.
TT474-7 4 piece 7″ set of circlip pliers.
TT474-5 4 piece 5″ set of circlip pliers.
TTHC03 3 piece hose clip set.
TTX1292 ½” torque wrench with angle gauge.
TTV440 4 piece tong set, insulated for 1000 Volt.
TTCP121 121 piece set with cable terminal pliers and cable terminals.
TTV907N 7 piece screwdriver set, insulated for 1000 Volt.
TT01 TT drawer with compartment divisions.
TTX01 TTX tray with compartment divisions.
TT804 2 in 1 puller set.
TTOS16 16 piece oil service set.
TTSN11 11 piece dismantling set.
TTTD17 17 piece tap and die set.
TTX2032 7 metric combination spanners in set.
TTX3892 22 piece torque socket set 3/8″ drive.
TTXPB3A 3 prybars in set.
TTXMDN 9 piece socket screwdriver set.
TTPSPG 4 pieces Universal/weld tong set.
TTX2640 7 combination spanners in imperial sizes.
TTTXH15 15 piece ½” bit socket set for TX slots and int. hex holes.
TT1215AF 15 parts socket set with ½” drive, imperial sizes.
TTAF32 32 piece ¼” and 3/8″ socket set in imperial sizes, short/long sockets.
TTTX30 30 piece TX-, TPX- and TX-E socket bit set with ¼” and 3/8″ drive.
TTX3404 4 piece socket wrench set with ¾” drive.
TTX3414 14 six-point sockets with ¾” drive.
Top Mat For Tool Trolleys.
Magnetic Bowl.

Milwaukee Fuel M18FPP2AI-502B 18v Impact Wrench Grease Gun Kit 2x 5Ah

  • High Performance
  • 2x 5Ah Batteries
  • Charger
  • Wheeled Carrying Bag

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