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Alongside our regular car competitions, we also like to offer our players a wide range of the latest tech bundles as well as holiday experiences, high-end luxury watches, latest e-bikes and cash prizes! We've had hundreds of small tech winners, which you can see over on our winners page. We always have fresh competitions coming to the page every week ranging from the newest Apple iPhones, Apple Watches, AirPods, Samsung Galaxy phones, Home Cinema bundles, Rolex competitions, and cash ranging from low odds £2,000 prizes all the way up to £12,000, of which, and always, is totally tax-free. 

Entries for these competitions start from as little as 99p and are a great way to win some awesome tech, holidays and more with usually better odds and ticket prices. Have a recommendation for some small tech prizes you'd like to see? Send us a message over on our Facebook page or shoot us an email and we'll trying and get something us that you love!

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