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Premium and luxury cars are often built as saloons, and whilst your average five-door hatchback can serve a practical purpose there's always a market for these higher-end models. Whether it's the Tesla Model S, which offers blistering electric performance, the flagship Audi A8 as a luxury saloon, or a smart-looking and high-performing BMW 3 Series, we've had a lot on the page at Dream Car Giveaways. 

A saloon, when looking from a basic standpoint, is a type of car with a boot lid that's hinged below the back window and the boot being separate from the passenger compartment. It can be quite easy to mistake a saloon for a hatchback with certain cars such as the Jaguar XE and on the flip side, some hatchbacks can look like saloons (like the BMW 4 Series Gran Coupe!).

A saloon can make for a perfect daily driver or a comfortable family wagon whilst never skrimping on performance and style. They are extremely practical and can have huge amounts of boot space and when offered by the more premium brands, can feel much more luxurious than other types of cars.

Check out our latest Saloon Car Competitions below, and if one takes your eye make sure to grab a ticket before the date shown for the live draw. If you get a ticket before it hits 75% sold, you'll also secure yourself a cheaper price for an entry too! You can tune in for all of our prize draws on our website or our Facebook page. Make sure to follow us on social media to stay up to date with all things Saloon and if you need any help simply drop us a message or head over to our Terms and Conditions page. 

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