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Check out some of our latest Estate car competitions below. These are always great for getting your family from A to B, but there's not much point in doing that without having some fun whilst you're at it! Most of our estate cars are nicely modified and we've done hundreds since we started in 2018. We've covered Audi RS6's, Mercedes-Benz C Class', BMW 3 series, CLAs, Clubmans, Jags and a whole lot more!

An estate really is a great choice for both being sensible but without skrimping on fun, and many of them have been deemed, and definitely are, supercar killers. They offer a wide range of versatility, enough space to get family and luggage in and many now even come as plug-in hybrids (to help keep the costs down!) Many of our estate car competitions come with a bundle of cash transferred straight into the winners bank account too, which we recommend to use and help towards insurance, tax, running costs, mods or whatever you fancy (it's the winners' cash at the end of the day!). Why not grab a tickets to see if you're our next lucky winner and you could secure yourself an immaculate estate car for a fraction of the cost. Join over 2,000+ winners and enjoy over 12+ competition draws every week. 

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