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We have a huge passion for classic cars at Dream Car Giveaways, and with so many high-quality examples now becoming harder to come by we only source cars that we know are the top of best quality examples. If you're looking to win your dream classic car for a fraction of the cost then you're in the right place! We are huge advocates for some of the rarest classic cars around and have had more than a dozen Escort Cosworths and 60's Mustangs through our shutter doors which have since been won by ecstatic winners who could have only have ever dreamed of owning such a car, let alone ones in such remarkable condition. 

We also carry out a lot of the hard work that comes with owning or restoring a classic car before it reaches the winner and each one is inspected meticulously before even reaching the list you can see below. Whether that's sourcing the rarest parts, carrying out the most elaborate mechanical work, or completing full glass-out resprays to restore these 60s, 70s, 80s gems to their full former glory we make sure they're in 'as new' condition as possible. 

You could win your dream classic car for a fraction of the cost, simply choose a competition below, grab your tickets and tune in for the live draw to see if you're our next lucky winner. 

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