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Enter now for a chance to win1004 Piece Work Station + Milwaukee Fuel Impact Wrench Kit


Enter now for a chance to win1004 Piece Work Station + Milwaukee Fuel Impact Wrench Kit

Won by Fabian Sniegowski with ticket number #43

Win this awesome 1004 Piece Teng Tools bundle along with a Milwaukee Fuel Impact Wrench Kit for just £1.99, everything you need in here! These are always popular!

Teng Tools 8 Drawer 1004 Piece Work Station Tool Kit TCMM1004NBK

1004 piece work station tool kit supplied in the ‘Get Organised’ system. Included is a bench vice & shelf and a paper towel holder with shelf (paper roll not included). 37″ wide, 8 drawers with cabinet combination lock. Heavy Gauge Steel. 5 Step Rust Protection. Comfort Grip Handle. 5″ Castor Wheels with Brakes. 3 Step Ball Bearing Slides.

TTZ01 – Tool Box TTZ Tray 6 Compartments
TTXEXT13 – Socket Set Extension Bar Set 13pcs
TT1435 – Socket Set 1/4 inch Drive 35 Pieces
TT3819 – Socket Set 3/8 inch Drive 19 Pieces
TTADP17 – Socket Adaptor Set 17 Pieces
TTTX30 – Socket Set 3/8 inch Drive 30 Pieces
TT3816 – Socket Set 3/8 inch Drive 16 Pieces
TT9015HX – Impact Socket Set 3/8 1/2 dr Hex 15pc
TTZ01 – Tool Box TTZ Tray 6 Compartments
TTX1292 – Torque Wrench 1/2 inch Drive 40-210N
TT1205 – Socket Set 1/2 inch Drive 5 Pieces
TT1217-6 – Socket Set 1/2 inch Drive 6 Pt 17pcs
TT9116N – Impact Socket Set 1/2in Drive 16pcs
TTHEX16 – Socket Set 1/2 inch dr Hex Bit 16pcs
TT1211 – Socket Set 1/2 inch Drive 11 Pieces
TTID20 – Impact Driver Set 1/2 inch dr 20pcs
TTZ01 – Tool Box TTZ Tray 6 Compartments
TTX918N – Screwdriver Set 8 Pieces
TTTX7 – TX Key Set T Handle 7 Pieces
TTHEX7 – Hex Key set T Handle BP 7 Pieces
TT917TXN – TX Driver Set 7 Pieces
TTBS53 – Bits Set Impact 53 Pieces
TTMDR84 – Bits Driver Set 84 Pieces
TTHT28 – Hex Key Set 28 Pieces
TTZ01 – Tool Box TTZ Tray 6 Compartments
TTX2032 – Spanner Set Combination 7 Pieces
TT1236 – Spanner Set Combination 12 Pieces
TT6010M – Spanner Set Combination Midget 10pcs
TT6508R – Spanner Set Combn Rev Ratchet 8pcs
TT3592 – Spanner Set Combination AF 8 Pieces
TT1215AF – Socket Set 1/2 inch Drive 15 Pieces
TTAF32 – Socket Set 1/4 and 3/8 inch Drive AF
TTZVG03 – Plier Set Power Grip 3 Pieces
TTX474-9 – Plier Set 9 inch Circlip 4 Pieces
TTMI16 – Screwdriver and Plier Set 16 Pieces
TT474-7 – Plier Set 7 inch Circlip 4 Pieces
TTD441-T – Plier Set TPR Grip 8 Pieces
TTHR81 – Rivet Gun Set 81 Pieces
TTNR81 – Nutsert Gun Set 81 Pieces
TTZ01 – Tool Box TTZ Tray 6 Compartments
TTX3892 – Torque Wrench Set 3/8in dr 22 Pieces
TTD914N – Screwdriver Set 14 Pieces
TTMDQ49 – Bits Driver Set 49 Pieces
TTV907N – Screwdriver Set 1000 Volt 7 Pieces
TTV440 – Plier Set 1000 Volt 4 Pieces
TTCP121 – Crimping Plier Set 121 Pieces
TTZ01 – Tool Box TTZ Tray 6 Compartments
TTX2640 – Spanner Set Combination AF 7 Pieces
TTPS09 – Tool Set General Tools 9 Pieces
TTSR04 – Scraper Set 4 Pieces
TTTM03 – Inspection Set 3 Pieces
TTZ01 – Tool Box TTZ Tray 6 Compartments
TTXPB3A – Pry Bar Set 3 Pieces
TTPC09 – Punch and Chisel Set 9 Pieces
TT804 – Puller Set 4 Pieces
TTOS16 – Oil Tool Service 16  Pieces
TTDAM – Measuring Set A 4 Pieces
TT00 – Tool Box Storage Tray Tool Holder
TC-TB03 – Tool Box Accessory 948mm Work Top
TCATV – Tool Box Accessory Vice Side Shelf
TCAV4 – Work Bench 4 Inch Vice
TCA01 – Tool Box Accessory Table Paper Holder
TCW208NBK – Black Handle With Front & Side Stickers
Magnetic Bits Tray Round 6″

Milwaukee Fuel M18ONEFHIWF34-502X 18v 3/4″ Impact Wrench Kit 2x 5Ah

  • The M18 FUEL high torque impact wrench with ONE-KEY technology delivers 1627 Nm of fastening torque in a compact size of 213mm, which gives more access in tight spaces.
  • The 4 -Mode DRIVE CONTROL allows the user to shift into four different speed and torque settings to maximise application versatility.
  • Mode 4 bolt removal, provides a maximum nut-busting torque of 2034 Nm then shifts to 750 rpm for outstanding control when removing fasteners.
  • The integrated blow counting sensor enhances the consistent repeatability of the chosen torque setting.
  • ONE-KEY tool customisation allows the user to optimise their tool for specific applications.
  • ONE-KEY tool tracking & security offers a cloud-based inventory management platform that supports both location tracking and theft prevention.
    3/4″ friction ring reception.
  • Flexible battery system: works with all MILWAUKEE M18 batteries.

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